Attention Local Artists: Reigncraft is looking for fresh new talent from all areas of the Northwest. If you have an original production that you are proud of and you would like to showcase your talent to audiences all across the region, contact Ken at 206.376.5097 or email him at

The Reigncraft Compilation is a cornucopia of different and familiar styles of local artists that a lot of people never get to hear. This concept is to eliminate the barriers that prevent your music from reaching multiple neighborhoods and people. Networking in the Northwest seems to be anything but, due to style preferences and personal beefs of producers, artists, studios, financial backers and promoters.

The Reigncraft Compilation thrives off of cooperation and a mixture of techniques. We do not ask you to sign your rights over. We do not ask you to sign to a label. We do not ask for money. What we do ask is that you Reign your Craft. This is a promotional tool and learning experience at it's best.

If you would like to showcase a verse, a song, a beat or contribute in any other way, hit us up at 206.376.5097 or email us at